About Us

We believe vacations are an exceptional opportunity to create memories with loved ones that will last a lifetime. By working with select homeowners in the greater Palm Springs area, we offer exclusive vacation experiences. If you are looking for something more than the typical bargain basement experience, let us help plan your next vacation.

Why Palm Springs Vacation Homes?

Managing a single vacation rental is like managing a small business.  It requires industry-specific software, marketing, sales, customer service, accounting, product (i.e. property) maintenance & delivery, human resource management, city tax collection, experience and more.  Why do it yourself when you can hire a professional property manager to do it,  who will make you more money with much less work and worry?  


Mission Statement

“We reconnect friends and bring families together, with friendliness, individual pride & company spirit.”


About Our Management Team

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Our Team

With over 85 years of combined leadership experience in Real Estate, Hospitality, Property Management, General Contracting, and Technology, our in-house team combines unique skill-sets to distinguish Palm Springs Vacation Homes.  As current homeowners of vacation rentals, customers of vacation rental homes, and prior employees who have learned what works best from other vacation rental companies, our approach to creating a memorable vacation is grounded in our first-hand experience.

We believe in learning from ineffective strategies and building upon positive experiences. Accordingly, we know feedback from guests, homeowners, and vendors are the root of improvements we can make to our daily operations and services. Our success is based on our core values: Integrity, Service, and Continuous Improvement. We live here, we own here, and we can help you experience the best the Greater Palm Springs area has to offer.