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Vacation Rental Management - Greater Palm Springs Area


Managing a single vacation rental is like managing a small business.  It requires industry-specific software, marketing, sales, customer service, accounting, product (i.e. property) maintenance & delivery, human resource management, city tax collection, experience and more.  Why do it yourself when you can hire a professional property manager to do it, who will make you more money with much less work and worry?  

Palm Springs Vacation Homes has over 25 years’ experience in a variety of hospitality management, i.e. Community Association Management, Timeshare Operations, 5 Star Resort & Hotel Management, Food & Beverage Management, Accounting, Short & Long-Term Rentals, Property Management, Property Maintenance Management (including HVAC & Plumbing), Real estate, Financial Services and Customer Service.  Palm Springs Vacation Homes goal is to exceed our vacation guests and our homeowner partners expectations with the service that we provide!

For second homeowners who are looking for a vacation rental management company that will maximize their rental income, minimize their expenses and do so in an atmosphere of trust, partnership, and mutual respect, Palm Springs Vacation Homes is the company for them. 


During the initial start of our business relationship, we are going to conduct a property walkthrough, preferably with you, to verify that the home is ready to host a guest and it meets each city vacation rental building codes and ordinances.  There is no need to worry about completing all of the paper work associated with each cities business license and vacation rental permits.  We will send you the appropriate documentation electronically and then submit the forms to the city for approval.

  • Property staging
  • Property Listing Description
  • Social Media
  • Vendor Coordination (cable, phone, etc.)
  • Vacation rental compliance
  • Vacation Rental Permits and Licenses
  • Initial Housekeeping


Palm Springs Vacation Homes promise all homeowner partners personal service with a single point of contact. We are grateful for the opportunity to operate our business utilizing your most precious of assets and consider our relationship a partnership.  With this in mind, we have the utmost respect for your property and treat it as if it were our own.  At the same time, we provide homeowners with a high degree of property access - It is your vacation home, we just care for it!

  • Online Owner Portal
  • Make reservations for you, friends and family
  • Review owner statements
  • Forecast Reports 


We keep a thorough accounting of your property and send you a homeowner statement each month and year.

  • Credit card processing (savings of 3%)
  • Owner statements
  • Annual financial statements
  • Direct deposit option
  • City tax collection & payment
  • Permit & Business License upkeep
  • Damage Protection on every reservation 


A great guest experience is always our goal.   High guest retention is achieved by representing only high-quality vacation rentals and having proactive property maintenance, exemplary housekeeping, responsive guest service and diligent follow up.  We meet and greet all of our guests at the vacation rental and provide a tour, instructions for the amenities, review city and PSVH rules and regulations and answer any questions.  Our team members are available to assist with any guest need during their stay.

  • Response to guest inquiries, questions & home tours
  • Reservation Process
  • Property Reviews
  • Correspondence with guests prior to arrival
  • 24 hours on call guest support
  • Vacation Rental Hotline support


Property maintenance is a key part to providing a memorable experience for all guests.  PSVH understands this and has implemented electronic checklists and inspections that are conducted by our Estate Managers.  We will compile detailed information for items in your home that will ensure quality is maintained as well as being able to identify any necessary upgrades or equipment replacement is needed.   One of our responsibilities as your professional property management company is to be your eyes and ears while you are not at the property.  We will send you Inspection Reports for items that need to be corrected, that will include pictures, recommendations and other information that is needed to make a responsible decision that could increase guest satisfaction and annual revenue.

Palm Springs Vacation Homes has assembled a team of housekeepers, maintenance personnel, landscapers, pool cleaners and other service providers that are second to none.  Our long-term committed relationships with them guarantee us the best possible price, service, responsiveness, and trust.  We are experts in the issues that routinely arise at vacation rentals and know the best ways to address them without breaking the bank

  • Arrival inspections
  • Departure inspections
  • Coordination & oversight of outside service vendors (Pool Technician, Landscaping, Pest Control, HVAC, etc.)
  • Electronic Detailed Inventory (Linen, Dinner Ware, Hard Goods, etc.)
  • Coordination & oversight of housekeeping
  • Smart Home Features that are integrated with our reservation system.
  • Electronic Locks, Thermostats, Window and Door Sensors, Lighting
  • Cost Savings, Secure, Added Home Value

Already an owner? Access the new Palm Springs Vacation Homes Owner Web Portal!

The owner portal allows you easy access to some of your properties information and it also offers you a direct line of communication to PSVH. You can view your property’s availability on our calendar, get an overview of your property’s performance, send messages directly to PSVH and view message history.


We have included some instructions below on how to set up your account, but do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.


Already set-up your account? Access it here: PSVH Owner Portal

Log Into the Owner Portal for the First Time

Complete the following steps to log in to the owner portal:

  • You should have received an invitation welcome email.​
  • In the welcome email, click the registration link to display the Owner Portal Reset Password page.​
  • Enter a new password​. The password must be at least eight characters long and contain at least one of each of the following: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and number.​
  • Enter your password again in Re-enter Password.​
  • Click Submit to update your password and log in to the owner portal.

Link To PSVH Owner Portal Login Page

To access the login page (only if you completed the steps above), click here: PSVH Owner Portal

Reset Your Password

If you forget your password to the owner portal, or if you are logging on from a different computer that does not have access to your password, you can reset your password yourself. Complete the following steps to reset your owner portal password:

  • Display your owner portal login page. 
  • Click Forgot Password under the login section to display the Owner Portal Forgot Password page. 
  • Enter your email address in Email
  • Click SUBMIT to send the password reset email to your email address. 
  • Open your email to locate the password reset email and then click the forgot password link to display the Owner Portal Reset Password page. 
  • Enter a new password. The password must be at least eight characters long and contain at least one of each of the following: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and number.
  • Enter your password again in re-enter Password.
  • Click SUBMIT to update your password and log in to the owner portal.

Navigating the Owner Portal

The owner portal has six sections listed on the left side of the owner portal:

  • Dashboard
  • Messages
  • Calendar
  • Performance
  • Listing settings
  • Owner settings

Please contact Owner Services at info@mypsvh.com or a vacation specialist at (760) 608-8400 if we can assist you with navigating the site or reserving dates for you, family or friends to enjoy your vacation home.


As always, we would like to thank you for allowing Palm Springs Vacation Homes the pleasure of being able to provide our services to you and your vacation home.  We value our partnership that we have with you and strive to provide a quality home for our guests to enjoy!


Your PSVH Team — Creating memories with every reservation!